13 March 2008

New online group: LDS Earth Stewardship

Earlier in the week, I excitedly heard about this new online community and promptly joined! Anyone interested in the environmental role we play is encouraged to sign up. The website is a growing resource of scholarly works on the environment, while the group will act as a forum for discussion topics.

Their front page states:

"As members of the Church, we savor the beauty of the Earth. We believe that we have a moral responsibility to appreciate the richness of the Earth and act as stewards of it (see D&C 59:18-20). We believe that the "earth is the Lord’s" (Psalm 24) and that it is wrong to be wasteful, disrespectful, or ungrateful for that with which we have been provided (see D&C 49:18-21).

We recognize that because of the complex processes by which natural resources are extracted and merchandised, individual and consumer choices are often made in ignorance of environmental consequences. Our stewardship, however, can be improved by insightful and reliable information about the implications of our actions, and through collaboration with others who share our ideals."

-Join the Group
-Check out the Website

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