25 June 2008

How Does the LDS Church feel about Sustainability?

The sound bites in the video are from Bill Williams, director of architecture and engineering for City Creek Reserve, Inc. These are posted on the LDS Newsroom site, and below is the transcribed text of his words:

"When you think about sustainability it’s beyond just green roofs, if you will. But those, in and of itself are probably the most visible because as you rise up in an office building instead of looking down on black tar you see something that’s growing. And what that does for us, is it captures rainwater, it absorbs it so it doesn’t run into the streams at a rapid rate and erode, it cools the building itself because green roofs have a natural cooling ability; shade, things like that."

"As a Church we have always been interested in sustainable efforts. We’ve never sought for public attention in that regard, but sustainable efforts from a Church-wide is something that is just prudent because it means we pay less over a long term for our structures and for our buildings, especially in terms of maintenance and operating costs. So it’s just a prudent thing to do."

"It illustrates that we truly uphold these values; that we try to be good stewards of whatever we do. And that we try to give back to the community. We don’t take from the community, but we give in terms of our time, our efforts, service. But we also look at the environment and say we’re going to be here for a long time. We’d like to ensure that there is a future and it’s a future that we all like and so we participate in the sustainability effort that is going around the country."

(City Creek Center)

(City Creek Center)

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Mr. Fob said...

We’ve never sought for public attention in that regard

I think it would be nice if the church did talk a little more about their sustainable efforts, so as to send the message to the membership that sustainability and environmentalism are indeed in line with Mormon doctrine and not just some wacky left-wing conspiracy.

green mormon architect said...

I agree. The recent Sierra Club endorsement may have been the catalyst that helps jumpstart the Church into showing the world that our teachings really do speak of stewardship and sustainability.

LifeOnaPlate said...

Brilliant blog, thanks.