08 July 2008

Garden Harvest

Here is a progress picture from our first real garden. For the most part everything is growing well. Except something keeps digging out the carrots - a squirrel or cat possibly? We may need to put up a fence even though I don't want to. Last night we harvested the first of the lettuce and radishes and had a delicious salad for dinner. If only the cucumbers and tomatoes and carrots were ready... My real question is: How does a home-grown salad taste so much more delicious than with store-bought ingredients? Is it in my mind only?


Latter-Day Sustainablist said...

During August I like to come home for lunch, harvest a tomato and some basil from my garden, and then make an omelet. Delicious! One of the best times of the year.

LifeOnaPlate said...

My wife and I also planted a garden for the first time in our married lives. It has been great, but I admit, I don't really like vegetables, and I eat them for health reasons at the prompting of my dear wife. To me, all my toil has not made the peas taste any better.

pgk said...

Oh boy oh boy! A garden post! There's been a real drought of those in the bloggernacle this year. I've missed them.

I'm growing a garden on the edge of the desert now and I'm loving it. I'm learning tons of new stuff. I put up raised beds because it protects my numerous toad friends, which I had to learn how to work with so as to do them as little harm as possible.

In fact, I have to scramble every year to learn how to accomodate all the new forms of life that appear in my garden as it expands. It struck me this summer how my garden is not just acting to sustain the human lives that grow it but also the numerous other insects, amphibians, reptiles, and various unknown creatures that the plants, water, and flowers attract to that part of the yard. This year, we gained a tiger salamander. It lives in an abandoned gopher hole (along with several toads) beneath one of our peach trees.

Gee, I ought to blog about this. Gardens are such a wonder. Thanks for posting a picture of yours and raising the topic.