25 February 2009

Follow up on Temple Lighting

This is a follow-up response to the article showing the Bountiful Temple as a source of light pollution.

National Geographic
March 2009

"As an organist for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the Bountiful, Utah Temple for almost 12 years, I was surprised to see in your article a picture of that Temple using a long photo exposure to exaggerate its brilliance. I enjoy camping in the mountains to escape the city lights and see the brilliant night sky. If the intent in showing the Temple was to capture the beauty ofthat magnificent structure, then you have an outstanding photograph. But if you were vilifying the lighting, you failed to mention that the lights go out at 10 p.m. every night. Perhaps other sources of light pollution could adopt the same policy."

Karen Allgood Nashua, New Hampshire

With a bedroom view of the Temple, I was easily able to check last night and the lights actually go off at 11 p.m. each night, but that is still significant and a responsible step worthy of pointing out. Does anyone know what time the lights are turned off with their Temple?


Tyler said...

Years ago, I had a job where I started work at 11PM. My commute took me along Hwy. 193 in Layton and I could always use the temple in Bountiful as a clock. If I couldn't see the temple on the bench, it meant the lights were out and I was late for work.

green mormon architect said...

Very nice - hopefully that didn't happen too often :)

An 11pm start time for work sounds brutal though...

Jared said...


I'm pretty sure the Rexburg Temple lights shine all night long. My boss was driving past the city in the middle of the night (probably around 1am) and mentioned that the lights were on. I haven't personally seen them on that late, but, in the 3 months I have lived here, I have never seen them turned off at night.....and I've been out past 11pm on a few occasions.

Pacatak said...

I love seeing the stars, but I also love seeing the temples at night. I'd hate to see the Church dim the temples at night, they are a source of beauty and strength, and at night they can look their best.

yuma said...

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