18 August 2009

Guest Post at Wilderness Interface Zone

For anyone interested, I have a guest post today over at Wilderness Interface Zone. Patricia has created a wonderful website described as "A Mormon literary backcountry where words and place come together." My post is titled '8.3 Million' describing my first trip to New York City.


Patricia said...

gma, thank you so much for coming over and guesting at WIZ. It was a pleasure.

green mormon architect said...

I appreciate the offer, Patricia. It was enjoyable, challenging, and mentally stimulating for me. Now I appreciate, even more, those, like yourself, who have a real gift for language. Like all creative and worthwhile endeavors, it seems that there are no shortcuts and the only way to get the desired results is through lots of hard work.

Patricia said...

If the muse strikes again, gma, please think of WIZ.