07 August 2008

Moving to Utah

Church Office Building from Conference Center Roof

This site will be slower than usual for at least the next month. I have accepted a position at the LDS Church and will be moving from Portland to Salt Lake City. This was a very difficult decision, since I never planned on, or really desired to, live in Utah. (Hey, even the pioneers didn't want to live there.) Settling here in Portland was part of a "perfect plan" to live here and raise the children. But apparently the Lord has other plans for me. As I prayed about this decision, the answer came that it is not the life I choose for myself that's important, but the life that God chooses for me. And while I love Portland and will have a hard time leaving, I believe that this decision is an inspired one and will ultimately be beneficial for my family, my career, and hopefully for the Church. I am excited to be able to work at the center of Church Headquarters and plan to make a positive difference and contribution there.

Now it's time to finish the bathroom, sell the home, and find a new home in the Salt Lake Valley...

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