27 March 2009

New LEED Certified Chapels

The new US/Canada meetinghouse standard is being developed with several prototypes being designed and built. These new prototypes will be LEED certified, registering under LEED Version 2.2 before the new Version 3 launches next month. The first of these was registered yesterday with the US Green Building Council and will be located in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

USGBC Details of Eagle Mountain site

Site location

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eped said...

right on. thanks for posting.

I wonder, "is it pretty?"

Andrew said...

I think this is a super exciting trend to see taking shape. As for your question, eped, I clicked on the Google map and used Street View to get a view of the area. There is already a meetinghouse a stone's throw from the address of the LEED-certified one being developed.

The LDS church makes efforts on style (although you might not guess it with some of the 70s architecture). With that in mind, I assume the new chapel will closely match the style of the older (current) one.

Anyone have any inside information about the style of the new building?

Link to Street View of older chapel

LittleJapanMama said...

This is really interesting to hear about. Thanks for the great blog.

Hugh said...

This is awesome!