02 March 2009

Travel Habits

The following is new today on the LDS Church Intranet:

Choose Travel Habits to Improve Air Quality

The choices we make as individuals collectively make the biggest difference in our air quality. In cooperation with state and local leaders, we encourage you to change your travel habits to improve air quality.

Drive Less
Use mass transit - call 1-888-RIDE-UTA (7433-822)
Rideshare, vanpool, or carpool
Walk or bike
Telework or compress workweeks
Use alternate transportation especially on "red" and "yellow" air quality days
Take the school bus to school

Drive Smarter
Arrange errands into one trip
Maintain vehicles
Avoid peak drive times
Drive the speed limit

Be Idle Free
Only warm up your engine for 30 seconds before driving
Turn vehicles off while waiting

FACT: If Wasatch Front drivers parked their vehicles for one day per week, emissions would decrease by 6,500 tons each year. (Source: DAQ Mobile Source)

For more information, visit cleanair.utah.gov, travelwise.utah.gov, and slcgov.com/slsolutions.


Th. said...


My goodness, are you rubbing off on them!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Yay. Perhaps one step closer to admitting that global warming is a moral issue....? maybe:)

green mormon architect said...

Definitely a good sign, but I can't take credit for it. I am curious, though, if it was a directive from a person above them, or a zealous intranet operator...

Another interesting twist to this is I had actually grabbed a bunch of fliers that had the same info and was going to hang one on each floor of the COB, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. So they are still sitting here at my desk.

Reuben said...

What else is happening at the COB to encourage or discourage using transit? Does the church provide a bike rack? How about showers for cyclists? Does the church provide free or subsidized parking for employees? Does the church subsidize transit passes? Does the COB allow employees flexibility in their schedules to come and go as they please so that they can catch buses, etc?

green mormon architect said...

There is one bike rack that I am familiar with - on the south side of the building that can hold 12 bikes. I'm not sure if there is anything additional in the parking areas. In the basement there are showers and lockers available for use. (3 showers and 100+ lockers for males - not sure what is in female rooms)

The transit passes the Church provides are fabulous. We get a UTA pass for something like $6/pay period. This allows for unlimited use of all bus routes, TRAX, FrontRunner, etc. making my commute virtually free.

Flexibility depends on department I'm sure, but I haven't had any problems with my schedule and using the bus since I've been here.

jallono said...

Very cool. It would be nice to know who was responsible for this. I guess I'm not familiar with the LDS intranet. It would also be nice if there would be more bike racks for LDS chapels. I've rarely lived where I couldn't bike to church (and with callings, I find myself doing so often), but no bike racks to help out. I do bike and manage to improvise places to lock my bike, but it would be nice to not have to.

Jasmine said...

this is certainly a step in the right direction! i am a member of utah moms for clean air (saw that you have our link on your sidebar) and a mom (not lds) fromt he group is wanting to work on a "walk to your place of worhsip" campaign. not sure what the current status is, but walkingn to church (esp. among mormons) would certainly send a positive message about our feelings regarding the environment.

Karl Hegbloom said...
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Karl Hegbloom said...

It's good to see that perhaps some progress is being made towards converting the Lazy Driving Slobs.