15 April 2010

Best of Utah 2010: Best Faithfully Green Blog

I forgot to mention that last week this blog won a 'Best of Utah 2010' award from Salt Lake City Weekly:

Best Faithfully Green Blog
Green Mormon Architect
Just when you thought there was no diversity in Utah, a blogger popped up that added a little color to the tapestry of Mormon Utah. A little dab of green, that is, from a Salt Lake City architect waging a clever and sincere blog battle to remind readers that Mormons can and do care about stewardship of the planet. From thoughtful updates on newly LEED-certified temples to top lists for being green and LDS—“The stuff in Revelations doesn’t sound so bad if you believe in Global Warming”—this blog—especially when it was being regularly updated—was a refreshing take on why there’s no sin in being a keeper of the faith and a good steward of the planet.


Micah E. said...

Congratulations! You deserve it. I enjoy reading.

Michael Carpenter said...


Blogging is kind of like radio, "Is anyone out there listening."

green mormon architect said...

Thanks guys!