06 April 2010

Sustainability Summit

For any who may be interested, I have been invited to speak this Thursday evening at BYU as part of their Sustainability Summit. I will be speaking at 7pm in Room 3104 JKB. Click on the Agenda for more information.


gavin said...

Please post your notes after your presentation. I'd love to come but I'm in AZ.

Matt said...

Your presentation was really perfect! Thank you so much! I thought it was a perfect balance of philosophy, science, doctrine, and light-heartedness.

Thanks for making the second night of the Summit a success!

green mormon architect said...

gavin - I will be sure to post the slides and notes as soon as I can figure out the best way to do so. In a way, the presentation ended up being kind of a summary and compilation of this entire blog, so hopefully it isn't too redundant.

Thanks for your kind words Matt. I enjoyed greatly the opportunity and appreciate you inviting me to speak.