11 November 2008

Thank you Rush Limbaugh

The local news last night shared the story of the One World Everybody Eats Cafe in Salt Lake and how Rush Limbaugh attacked it during his show because they are a not-for-profit restaurant. It’s true the restaurant model is very different than others. They let people choose their own portions and then pay what they feel it’s worth. The vision statement includes goals of feeding and including all members of the community, only using organic unprocessed food, eliminating waste in the food industry, and ending world hunger. I simply ask – what is so wrong with this? You can choose not to eat there, but is there anything wrong with a place that has lofty ideals for bettering our community? He stated in his broadcast,

“I’m probably doing more for the One World Café than anybody possibly could. I’m sure there’s people in Salt Lake that listen to this program and despise me and hear me making fun of this humanitarian effort here that it’s an embarrassment to American business and they’re going to go flood the place now and make sure that it stays open. I’m giving them free advertising. They’ll probably overpay for what they’re getting…I doubt that. Liberals don’t go that far. They still want other people’s money to pay for what they do and what they get. But they’ll still stream in there to show a measure of support…” (Rush Limbaugh radio program 10 Nov 2008)

He’s right there. My curiosity was killing me so I had to try it out during lunch today. I thought the food was delicious and the service very friendly. Seeing as how Rush Limbaugh has never been there, I’m not sure how he can say the following,

“I don’t want [beef from Allen Brothers] wasted on a bunch of long-haired maggot-infested dope-smoking FM types walking in to the One World Café.” (Rush Limbaugh radio program 10 Nov 2008)

Interestingly, the idea for the restaurant began with an epiphany. Denise Cerreta developed the café to nourish both the body and the soul. She began the restaurant in 2003 and, “After a couple of months, and a lot of mental anguish, she had an encounter with the divine. She calls it inspiration from a higher power, her own ‘Field of Dreams’ experience, where she ‘just knew’ if she followed it, customers would come…It told her to get rid of her price board and cash register and let customers decide how much to pay for their food…‘I think we all have that ability’ to hear a prompting from a higher source. ‘But I don't think we listen to it.’” (source)

According to the Deseret News, the café doesn’t even do any type of advertising. “Her clientele has simply grown by word of mouth.” Why would she need to do any advertising when she has Rush Limbaugh advertising for her for free…so thanks for lunch Rush, I guess God really does move in mysterious ways…


John Kendall said...

What a fantastic idea! I hope it works out in the long run.

Tod Robbins said...

I love this place. Rush is the "best"! Did you try the cookies, the chocolate chip ones... SO GOOD.

Lisa said...

Since Rush seems to know how much of an impact he's making for this restaurant, and given the degree of malice he expresses for the damn liberal hippies that run it...you kind of have to wonder...

doth he protest too much?

Gotta wonder sometimes about people who can't shut up about something, someone, or some ideal. It's among the same idea that the most homophobic among us are closet homosexuals, you know?

Maybe the idea and the values backing this restaurant hit too close to home for Rush.

To think I used to really enjoy listening to him. Dude really won't get far spewing such names and perpetuating stereotypes.

I do wonder if he knows just how many liberals are in Utah though. I don't have any hard and fast stats, but that is a solidly red state - perhaps Salt Lake is in a rather blue county, but still: red state.

Anyway. Rush did a good thing - but I have to wonder if he knew that and hid behind his diatribe so no one would know.

I wish the best for this place. Sounds awesome.

Mrs. Olsen said...

I read about One World Cafe 4 or 5 years ago in the paper. I thought it was absolutely genius, and have been meaning to try it out ever since. I do not live in SLC so have yet to make it, but am glad to hear the food is good.

Rush is such a charmer as usual.

Anonymous said...

The people who make more money than $250,000 a year broke for Obama. IOW the liberals voted to raise their own taxes. So they want to spread their own wealth...

One of Rush Limbaugh's favorite lines down the drain.

Th. said...


I wonder if this would work if it weren't a novelty, but if most restaurants worked this way.